Our History

FindMyCarrots started off as a travel search engine, using NLP to help index travel websites based on the meaning of the contents. However, over a few years, we realized our calling lay in trying to help make this world a better place – and a safer world definitely is better. One of the major tools, we humans have to protect ourselves is our eyes – which allows us to identify friends and foe. Hence, computer vision became an enabler to help build that safer tomorrow.

the team

sivaramakrishnan N

Siva is a great human being. He is an avid social worker who wants to give back to the society at every opportunity. He is also a geek and a tech buff – who dreams of making tech work to make a better world. He has learnt and sharpened his technical skills earning his BTech in computer science from Madras University and then by working for behemoths like Lucent Technologies as well as startups like BA Systems and Polaris Wireless. Now, he uses all his technical know how to create a safer world, a better world as the CTO of findmycarrots.

Arijit mukherjee

A proud father of 2 kids, Arijit aspires to leave a safer planet to his beloved daughter and son.  A student for life, he learnt a lot of his current skills working for Lucent Technologies, BA Systems and Polaris Wireless, which he uses in giving shape to his dream of building a better planet as CEO of findmycarrots.

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